The revolutionary fire control system for your preferred LPVO. Integrated auto-calculated ballistics mount for any caliber.

Expected Delivery Date of Q4 2022

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the USA

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Product Details

The X4-FCS™ mount provides real time ballistic calculations using temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude, pitch, roll, and heading. Combining these parameters with user supplied bullet and firearm data, the X4-FCS™ generates a precision ballistic compensated offset reticle.

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the USA.


Technical Specifications

Caliber: Any

Platform: MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail

User-provided LPVO: Most 30 mm or 34 mm scopes

Weight: 20.8 oz (590 g) w/o LPVO and batteries

Dimensions (L, W, H): 9.00", 2.41", 3.07" (228.7 mm, 61.3 mm, 78 mm)

Height off rail: 1.93" (4.90 cm)

Battery type: Protected 18650 Rechargeable cell (2) or CR123 (4)

Connectivity (can be disabled): Bluetooth®, Near-Field Communication, and Ultra-Wide Band

Battery life: 1 year at 10 operating hours per week (Typical)

Specifications are subject to change


Frequently Asked Questions


When will the X4-FCS™ be available for purchase?

4th Quarter 2022

Does the X4-FCS™ come with a scope?

No, the X4-FCS™ does not include a scope. The X4-FCS™ is designed to work with a user-supplied LPVO.

Does the X4-FCS™ affect my LPVO's performance?

The X4-FCS™ provides enhanced capabilities without reducing your LPVO's performance.

What LPVOs are compatible with the X4-FCS™?

The X4-FCS™ is designed to be compatible with most 30 mm and 34 mm LPVOs.

What is an LPVO?

A LPVO is a Low-Power Variable Optic scope. It usually comes in 30 mm or 34 mm configurations.

Is the X4-FCS compatible with first and second focal plane sights?

Yes. The X4-FCS is compatible with both first focal plane sights and second focal plane sights.

Where can I order the X4-FCS™?

The X4-FCS™ will be available at magpul.com once it has been released.

Where can I find more information about the X4-FCS™?


Will the X4-FCS™ be compatible with Magpul's Rounds Remaining technology?

Yes. The X4-FCS™ will display rounds remaining.


What color symbols are available?

Symbols are available in Red or in Green depending on the specific X4-FCS™ purchased.

What body color options are available for the X4-FCS™?

The X4-FCS™ comes in Black, FDE, or OD Green (Note: The body is Type III Hard Anodize Finished - individual color shades may vary)

What happens if my X4-FCS™ runs out of power?

The X4-FCS™ operates as any standard LPVO mount even without power.

Why does the X4-FCS™ have a Near-Field Communication (NFC™) system?

The X4-FCS™ has an NFC™ system to allow for easy one-touch pairing of X4 Accessories. Simply hold a device like the X4-Keypad next to the X4-FCS™ NFC™ touchpoint and it will instantly pair to your X4-FCS™ secure network.

Why does the X4-FCS™ have an Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) radio?

The UWB radio allows the X4-FCS™ to host a personal-area, secured, encrypted network for wireless accessory communication.

What is the X4-FCS™ optic height off rail?

1.93 inches for a standard 1913 Picatinny Rail.

Can the symbol position and size be changed?

Yes. The symbol position and size are customizable by the user.

What batteries does the X4-FCS™ use?

The X4-FCS™ has been designed to use two rechargeable, protected cell 18650s or four CR123s. It can also accommodate combinations of both types. (e.g. one 18650 and two CR123s). Utilizing unprotected cells will void the warranty.

Can the X4-FCS™ have a bake-on coating (e.g. Cerakote) applied to it?

No. Any bake-on coating, including low-temperature Cerakote, cannot be used on the X4-FCS™.

What is the X4-FCS™ body made from?

Billet 7075-T6 Aluminum.

Where is the X4-FCS™ made?

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the USA.

Do I need a phone or computer to use the X4-FCS™?

No. The X4-FCS™ has been designed to run standalone without ever needing to connect to another device or the internet. However some of the more advanced configuration options are only accessible via a phone or PC (e.g. customizing the symbol placement and size).

I don't want the X4-FCS™ to transmit anything. Can I disable the network systems?

Yes. The UWB, Bluetooth®, and NFC™ systems can be completely disabled. Users can disable wireless connections if needed.

How long do the batteries last?

1 year at 10 hours per week for typical usage. The X4-FCS™ uses motion activated wake technology allowing the system to sleep when not in use and to instantly turn on when you need it, greatly extending the battery life.

Does the X4-FCS™ come with batteries?

The X4-FCS™ comes with two rechargeable, protected cell 18650s with integrated charger and cable.

Can I see the symbols in bright daylight conditions?

Yes. The X4-FCS™ has been specifically designed to provide ultra-high brightness symbols that can be viewed in full sunlight.

How much does the X4-FCS™ weigh?

The X4-FCS™ weighs 20.8 oz without LPVO and batteries


What range finders are compatible with the X4-FCS™?

The X4-FCS™ has a hot-shoe connection on the top designed to specifically interface with Maztech's X4-LRF™. It can also connect to the Army's STORM series of LRFs (AN/PSQ-23) over its secure network using a Maztech adapter cable (sold separately). Range data may also be input manually.

What is the X4-LRF™?

The X4-LRF™ is a military-grade, eye-safe short wave infrared band multi-kilometer single-pulse laser range finder designed to attach to the X4-FCS™. Unlike commercial LRFs, the X4-LRF™ pulse is not visible with Night Vision goggles.

When will the X4-LRF™ be available?

Estimated for 2nd quarter 2023.

Will a keypad be available for purchase when the X4-FCS™ launches?

Yes. Both a user programmable wireless and wired keypad will be available for purchase at launch (sold separately).


Does the X4-FCS™ support offset rail mounts (LPVO not inline with bore)?


What ballistics does the X4-FCS™ support?

The fully customizable ballistic engine supports any bullet or weapon type.

What environmental variables does the ballistic solver use?

The ballistic engine uses wind, temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude, pitch, roll and heading.

Does the X4-FCS™ remain accurate at any zoom level?

Yes. The X4-FCS™ symbology operates equivalent to a first focal plane sight. The symbols zoom with the LPVO zoom.

What is the per click adjustment of the X4-FCS™?

0.5 MOA.

What is the maximum ballistic drop the X4-FCS™ can display?

± 120 MOA.

How many ballistic profiles can be stored on the X4-FCS™?

25 profiles.


Is the X4-FCS™ rated for high shock weapons like the SCAR17?


Is the X4-FCS™ waterproof?

The X4-FCS™ is designed for submersion in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

What temperature ranges can the X4-FCS™ handle?

The operating range is -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C), subject to appropriate temperature-rated batteries.



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