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The X4-LRF-15K™ includes Maztech’s reliable, low-noise, high-gain APD photoreceiver that offers best-in-class sensitivity, allowing for long-standoff range performance with less laser pulse energy and lower power. To allow optimal APD bias at all operating temperatures, the X4-LRF-15K™ includes automatic APD bias temperature compensation that is calibrated at the factory.

The X4-LRF-15K™ includes co-aligned visible and IR pointers for weapon zeroing and target pointing. Programmable pointer power levels allow the user to optimize for mission-specific parameters. Hotshoe attachment provided for optional IR illuminator and/or future products.


An onboard ballistic computer generates a firing solution and a companion app enables easy configuration control. A keypad is included to enhance usability, enable customization, and facilitate operation from various shooting positions. 

 The X4-LRF-15K™ is developed by Maztech Industries, whose leadership and design team have delivered cutting-edge equipment to the U.S. Military for over 30 years. 



Introducing a groundbreaking laser rangefinder with unmatched performance for precise and reliable range information with integrated ballistic solutions. 

Power management is critical to handheld and remote systems

The X4-LRF-15K™ utilizes purpose-built electronics designed to consume the lowest power across a variety of tactical situations.

Powerful and accurate 1535nm Laser Range Finder (LRF)

1535 nm laser enables best in class power for exceptional performance in harsh environmental conditions while maintaining covert operations. 

User confidence in measurement accuracy is important

Next-generation software utilizes advanced algorithms that translate raw data into accurate ranging results across environmental conditions.

Reliably range to a man-size target at 3 km with sub-meter precision

Complete ballistic calculator integrated with Applied Ballistics™ for real-time target adjustments

Onboard library includes access to Applied Ballistics™ ammunition database

Seamless Bluetooth® integration with companion phone app and communication with X4 family of products

Large format OLED display for easy viewing



Technical Specifications 
Laser classification
Modes of operation
Measurement range
Max number of targets
Minimum target separation
Measurement accuracy (1σ)
Environmental Sensors

Typical Measurement Range
Small target (0.75x0.75, 30%, 10km)
NATO target (2.3x2.3, 30%, 10km)
Extended target (Beam filling, 50%, 23km)

Pointers and Illuminator
Wavelength (Green or Red| IR)
Divergence (All pointers)
Power (All pointers)
Illuminator (Modular via hotshoe)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Mechanical shock

Electrical and Communication
Data interface(s)

Remote Keypad connector

1535 nm
Class 1
Single Measurement and continuous ranging
0.8 mrad
20-15,000 m
5 m 
< 1 m 
Humidity, Inertial, Pressure, Temperature

3,500 m
6,500 m
15,000 m

530 nm, 660 nm, 840 nm
0.5 mrad
up to 80 mW
840nm; VCSEL optional (no speckle); 15-105 mrad divergence; up to 100 mW

300 g (including battery)
124 mm x 68 mm x 46 mm

-40 C° to 60 C°
-46 C° to 71 C°
1,500 g, 0.5 ms

Encrypted Ultra-Wide Band (can be turned off), Bluetooth® (can be turned off)
Keypad Included


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