Setting Our Sights on Innovation

Electro-Optical Engineering and Manufacturing Experts

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Setting Our Sights on Leading Innovation

Electro-optical Engineering and Manufacturing Experts

Your Stop for Cutting Edge Technology

At our core we are a product development company, but we are not only about that. We firmly believe in a collaborative design process that can bring the best out of our team and the product itself. Our goal is to make innovative, cutting-edge products that are coveted by soldiers and sportsmen. 

By leveraging our successful legacy in soldier systems, we rapidly provide innovative solutions to our customers while ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.  

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Innovative Product Development

We are an industry leading technology company specializing in rapid development of military and commercial electro-optical systems including night vision, wireless communication, laser ranging and other sportsman accessories.

As an agile small business comprised of an experienced, highly technical staff, we have a proven history of successful product development. While large companies may take years to design and finalize new products, Maztech can rapidly develop next generation technologies to support immediate customer needs. Our vertically integrated capabilities, ranging the full life cycle from system architecture to immediate prototype to full production, is set up to make ideas quickly become reality.

Our Team

With over 100 years of combined engineering experience, our growing team is ready to bring your next idea to life.

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Design Heritage

Nytech (1995 - 2007):
Nytech developed the first uncooled Thermal Weapon Sight for the US Army, as well as the low-power, uncooled thermal sensor for the Driver's Vision Enhancer.


N2 Imaging Systems (2007 - 2017):
N2 designed and manufactured thousands of thermal imaging modules utilized in SOCOM's Skeet-IR, as well as the first two generations of the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG). The Maztech design team subsequently designed the ENVG-III, which was manufactured for the US Army through 3Q-2021.


A Look at Our Facilities


Our Commitment

Maztech Industries, as the small-business industry leader in design, rapid prototyping, and quality manufacturing of innovative smart solider and sportsman products, is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and continuous process improvement.

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