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Key Upcoming Capabilities

X4-Laser Rangefinder (X4-LRF™) and Seamless Wireless Integration


The revolutionary clip-on for your trusted LPVO. Integrated auto- calculated ballistics mount for any caliber.

Meet the X4-FCS


The X4 Fire-Control System is the Perfect Add-On for Your LPVO


After you install your LPVO scope to the X4-FCS™ mount, you will have access to custom ballistic solutions that will greatly increase your long distance hit probability. 

*Patent pending


Meet the X4-FCS

The revolutionary clip-on for your trusted LPVO. Integrated auto- calculated ballistics mount for any caliber.

Revolutionary design.
Unmatched optical performance. 

The X4-FCS™ merges your firearm enthusiasm with state-of-the-art optoelectronics to increase your accuracy in all environments. As the primary component of the larger X4 suite of integrated products, the X4-FCS™ provides you not only with advanced ballistics but also supplies immediate situational awareness information through your preferred optic. The X4-FCS™ provides this information through sensor fusion within your LPVO with multiple inputs from around the firearm all fusing together to form one visual presentation in your optic.


Real-time customizable ballistic calculator with environmental and inertial sensors

Designed to meet MIL-STD-810 environmental specs

Manufactured from solid billet aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum

Compatible with most 30 mm LPVO scopes


User customizable symbology

Accurate ballistic calculation at any zoom, at any rotation, and with any caliber

Estimated availability 2024

Introducing the X4-LRF-15K™

Extreme range. Extreme precision. 

Maztech's X4 Laser Range Finder (LRF) - 15K™ is a best-in-class solid-state rangefinder with integrated pointers, built-in weather station, and ballistic solver that provides high-performance eye safe laser ranging capability for weapon-mounted solutions. The 1535nm laser ensures superior performance while remaining invisible to both the human eye and standard night vision goggles. The X4-LRF-15K enables instantaneous range information to be gathered and displayed in real time to the user, either through an OLED display or wirelessly transmitted to the X4-FCS™ AR display. 



Electro-Optical Engineering and Manufacturing Experts

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