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Key Upcoming Capabilities

X4-Laser Rangefinder (X4-LRF™) and Seamless Wireless Integration


Meet the X4-FCS

The revolutionary clip-on for your trusted LPVO. Integrated auto- calculated ballistics mount for any caliber.

The X4 Fire-Control System is the Perfect Add-On for Your LPVO


After you install your LPVO scope to the X4-FCS™ mount, you will have access to custom ballistic solutions that will greatly increase your long distance hit probability. 

*Patent pending

Revolutionary design.
Unmatched optical performance. 

The X4-FCS™ merges your firearm enthusiasm with state-of-the-art optoelectronics to increase your accuracy in all environments. As the primary component of the larger X4 suite of integrated products, the X4-FCS™ provides you not only with advanced ballistics but also supplies immediate situational awareness information through your preferred optic. The X4-FCS™ provides this information through sensor fusion within your LPVO with multiple inputs from around the firearm all fusing together to form one visual presentation in your optic.


Real-time customizable ballistic calculator with environmental and inertial sensors

Designed to meet MIL-STD-810 environmental specs

Manufactured from solid billet aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum

Compatible with most 30 mm LPVO scopes


User customizable symbology

Accurate ballistic calculation at any zoom, at any rotation, and with any caliber

Estimated availability Q2 2024

Key Upcoming Capabilities

X4-Laser Rangefinder (X4-LRF™) and Seamless Wireless Integration

The X4 suite is a family of multiple independent systems that communicate with the shooter (and others if needed) to build situational awareness on the target area and weapon status. It provides secure communications capability with Bluetooth, Near Field Communication and Ultra-Wideband systems.

Soon to follow, the X4-LRF™

Mile + ranging capability


Single 1535 nm pulse not visible by night vision


Easily connects to the X4-FCS™ via hot shoe

Wirelessly connect your X4-FCS™


Compatible with Magpul Rounds Remaining Technology


Electro-Optical Engineering and Manufacturing Experts

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